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Tone and lift your face
in your online Faceyoga GYM

Stream your Face workouts and add favorites to your watchlist

Weekly Videos

Every Monday a New Faceyoga Workout is published to your Library. Choose to work on a certain area of your face or do a Full Face Workout

All Levels

Beginner and Advanced workouts available. EveryFACE can join, there is always a workout that will match your level of experience.

5 - 30 mins Workout

With Facial workout videos that ranges from 5 to 30 minutes. You can always fit your face fitness practice into your day.

Strong Face Guarantee

With our tested method of Faceyoga, everyFACE can increase their fitness level and become more lifted, toned and youthful.

Why do Faceyoga?

Your face and neck has more than 50+ muscles.

Just as exercising you body will help it stay toned, lifted and strong. So will exercising your facial muscles help reverse the signs of aging such as tension wrinkles, sagginess, loss of volume and more.


Most frequently asked Questions ?

Both the Monthly and the Annual plan comes with a 7 day free trial which makes it possible for you to try out Faceyogi.life – Your online Faceyoga GYM for free. After the trial period your subscription will begin. You can cancel at any time before the trial period ends.

Yes! Faceyogi.life online Faceyoga GYM is for everyone. In the GYM you will have a lot of Faceyoga workouts to choose from. Faceyoga is a journey and being a member of Faceyogi.life will help you keep on developing and keep you motivated. Both the beginner and the advanced faceyogi will be able to tone, lift and strengthen their face.

Faceyogi.life is a streaming channel with a library of workouts for your face. You can follow the new workouts added every week, or you can search the library for particular workouts that tends to “trouble areas”, levels of experience or workout length. If you’ve ever joined an online GYM for your body. This is the same.. Just for your face, because your face needs exercising too.

Depending on where the acne is located and also if it’s active and inflamed, you can follow the workouts without touching or adding pressure to inflamed areas. For many people increasing circulation and exercising their face has turned out to have a healing effect on the skin. And some have seen a significant bettering of their skin condition after 2-3 months of regular faceyoga.

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    Customers reviews

    What people say?

    After 3 months of doing your Faceyoga workouts, my husband is joking about my "New" face. I can't believe how much Faceyoga has restored my face, I've gotten some features back from my twenties..
    Mother of three small children
    I have to say that I've tried a lot of other Faceyoga programs, and I was ready to give up because of the lack of real results. Until I came across your style of Faceyoga. For the first time I am able to connect to my muscles and NOW I begin to see changes. I'm so happy I didn't give up.
    Business mom with teens
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